Drive your individualized experience on Water Reporter with use of your customized dashboard. When everything is located in one place you don't have to go searching for how to connect all the different components.

Access the dashboard by logging in to 

From your dashboard you can

  • Subscription. Track the amount of time remaining on your subscription plan.
  • Snapshot. Check-in on your personal activity analytics.
  • Manage activity for all of your groups.

Under your associated group you can view all modules in use through your subscription. From the group section you can:

  • Edit profile. Edit and update your organization profile page.
  • View maps. Grab links or iframes to all available embeddable maps.
  • Manage data. Upload your water quality monitoring data.
  • Moderate posts. Jump over to manage the status of all of your organization's posts.
  • View members. Check to see who has joined your group recently. Download contact information to keep folks apprised of what information you want collected through Water Reporter.

As we develop new features for subscription account holders, you may see them appear on your dashboard. If you don't have one of the above items turned on, get in touch with us at

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