Water Reporter offers tiered subscription services to anyone who wants to take advantage of the full potential of Water Reporter. Our subscription holders hail from all sorts of background: large and small watershed organizations, national conservation groups, state and local government agencies, and groups of motivated citizens. 

Every member of our community starts by creating a Basic User account. Head over to our Basic User: Getting Started guide for information on how to create your account.

We build your organization account behind the scenes with additional information that you need to provide to us. 

We use the following information to set up your organization's group account:

  • Organization name: This is the name that will be displayed on your group's feed and what people can search to join or explore your group.
  • Organization contact information: email and website
  • Organization description: Brief description¬†
  • Organization logo
  • Watersheds: Our team can assemble your watershed collection based on any combination of 6- to 12-digit hydrologic unit codes defined by the U.S. Geological Survey. (e.g. Upper Illinois (HUC6) > Iroquois (HUC8) > Mud Creek (HUC10) > Whiskey Creek (HUC12)). If you're not sure which basins would be most useful to you, we'll help you create a watershed collection that makes sense based on your organization's territory.
  • Names of Basic Users that need administrative privileges

You can share this information with us in one of two ways: Fill our form to create your organization account or send us an email.

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