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Q: Can't Log In to Water Reporter
Q: Can't Log In to Water Reporter
When you can't log in, try these steps
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Having a case of an all thumbs Monday? Here are some tips to double check to get you logged in and reporting easily!

Reset Passwords

For starters, click the link on the log-in page to re-set your password. If the system says that it doesn't recognize the user two things might be happening:

  • Your email address is case sensitive, check to make sure that you have entered it the same as when you originally registered. Some phones automatically capitalize the first letter, which can cause issues.

  • You had a typo in the original email address that you used. If you think this is the case, email with your Name (as you wrote it as part of your account) and the email address that you think that you used to create an account. We can confirm that it's an account in the system, we cannot change passwords manually!

Entering a new password

After you have created a new password, you can immediately use that new password to sign into the system. Still not able to log in? Here are a few options:

  • Make sure that the original password has been deleted from any password saving features you have turned on for your device. If not properly configured, the device may be reverting to the old password, causing the infinite loop of not being able to log-in. Each device and operating system differs, but the general steps here are to go to your system setting and remove the saved Water Reporter password. We recommend keeping this setting turned off.

  • Are you sure that you're typing it in correctly. Support desk here - some days even I am all thumbs and it takes me five tries to get my password in correctly. If this is sounds familiar, here's my trick - I type out the password in a note or blank email address that I can confirm is correct. Then I copy and paste the ENTIRE password (I've even been known to forget the first letter) into the password field. That usually does the trick!

  • Again, careful on case sensitivity!

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