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Q: Water Reporter doesn't find my location
Q: Water Reporter doesn't find my location
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The most likely culprit for the issue is your location services permissions status on your device. Make sure that your location services on your phone are activated. You can also confirm that the Water Reporter application specifically has location permissions. Follow your phone's setting instructions to confirm the location permission settings.

If the location services permissions seem to be correctly activated and you are still experiencing the issue, the issue could be related to your phone or level of data service where you’re posting. What sort of phone are you using? Different devices will have different success using the Water Reporter app. Large operating system providers make it impossible for us to support outdated hardware as Android and iPhone device makers stop supporting older versions of their products.

Make sure that both your phone’s operating system and the Water Reporter app are both fully updated.

Finally, the issue could be related to the level of data service. If you are in an area with low ‘bars’, the app might not be able to find your location. If this is the case, I recommend just snapping a photo and coming back to Water Reporter later when you’re able to upload via WiFi. Each photo snapped via a smart phone records both the coordinates and displays the location on a map. To access that information you can tap on the “info” section for the photo. You can reverse engineer a Water Reporter post using those coordinates.

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