After you have created your subscription account, you need to create a group. This can be accomplished from a mobile device or the website.


Create a Group

Go to your profile page or dashboard and scroll down to “Your Groups”. Click on the blue button “Create a Group”.

Fill in the New Organization Details

Name: This should be your organization’s name

Key Words: All groups are searchable. List out any keywords, like acronyms that your stakeholders may refer to you as, areas of interest, locations of interest, to help your future users find your group.

Description: This public facing space is available for all users to see. You can use the space to describe your organization or describe any calls-to-action that you have to your Water Reporter users.

Logo: Your logo will be displayed throughout the user experience. Square logos are best. To really make your logo stand out, upload a 256 x 256 logo on a white background.

Public Email & Website: These items will be visible to users on the group’s Water Reporter page and feed.

Remember to click save!

Manage Account

You’ve now created your group! While the basic information has been added, there is more you can still set up to get started. From your personal dashboard, scroll down to “Your Groups” and select “Manage Account”.

You are now in the heart of your Water Reporter Management options. Remember, this lesson is all about setting up your account rather than diving right into starting a monitoring program with it. If you want to look before you leap - please keep reading. If you’re reading to launch, jump ahead to the section that interests you more.

Manage Account: Edit

You’ll probably want support in managing all of your Water Reporter activity. On the Edit page you are able to add up to 10 group owners that will also have full access to the subscription via this group. We recommend only giving this access to staff within your organization and using it sparingly.

To add someone as a group owner they will first need to create a basic user account. Once they have a basic user account you can search for them and add them to your list. From this Owners field on the Edit tab you can also remove existing owners at your leisure if you need to shake up your roster.

Note: Administrative Owners will still display as “basic plan” account holders in Water Reporter on their dashboard. This is an expected behavior but does not impact the access to the Group’s features and data.

Manage Account: Members

The last step you may want to take to set up your group is to invite your stakeholders or volunteers to join in the monitoring fun. To simplify your invitation you can paste a list of comma-separated valid email addresses and the system will send out an automated email inviting them to join.

If you are feeling crafty and have clear calls to actions that you want to convey, you can invite your target audiences externally as well. Simply point them to the app’s location in Google Play and the App Store to download and get started.

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