A subscription unlocks a suite of features to manage and execute monitoring programs. A subscription is held by an organization but initiated through a single basic user account that is simultaneously upgraded to administrator when the subscription is activated.


Subscription Account Owners are most often managers of monitoring programs. A subscription account unlocks all of the data management and user engagement features that make up Water Reporter.


After an individual has created a basic user account the process to upgrade requires only a few additional steps, and a credit card.


From your dashboard, under the heading “Subscription Plan” the current status will show “Basic”. Click the button to Upgrade. Then Click the button “Purchase Plan”. There is only one subscription level - Pro - which unlocks all of the Water Reporter features for you and up to ten of your colleagues.

Purchase Plan

To upgrade your account you need to click “purchase plan” from the upgrade page.

NOTE: Only one individual per organization needs to ‘subscribe’ for a Water Reporter account. Additional individuals can be added as administrators through the Group edit page.

Enter your credit card information

After you enter in your payment details and click “Complete Purchase” the system will immediately upgrade your account to administrator status. Your credit card will be charged monthly on the day that you created the account and you will receive an invoice in your inbox after each monthly charge.

Subscription Activated

After you’ve created your subscription account you are returned to your profile page. Nothing looks different! Next you’ll want to set up your organization as a group. Since this is a separate component of the system let’s tackle Group Set Up in a new section.

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