When you create your Water Reporter account you're saying to the world, I want to monitor my water(shed). Some folks join existing organizations and their monitoring efforts while others are mavericks, keeping a look out for and sharing things of interest to them.

What's cool about Water Reporter is that the platform does not swallow your observations and stuff them into an attic but then ask users to continue sharing posts. Rather, Water Reporter is ripe with various opportunities for all users to continue participating, observing, learning, and improving.

Users can participate by:
1. Sharing observational posts.
2. Contributing to data collection efforts.
3. Having conversations via the global feed.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so let it spark a conversation! For every observation that’s shared, any user can engage by commenting and liking that post. Each comment can include photos or text and the original poster will receive an email notification any time someone comments.

Same for likes. Anyone can like a post simply by clicking on the heart button. A count of all likes is tallied below the post.

To create a comment, tap on the comment icon. This brings you to a page with all of the information about the post (location, original poster, all existing comments, and likes). Tap the + circle to add your own comment. Comments appear in reverse chronological order, so it will appear at the top of the list! Comments can be text or photos.

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