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What posts will you see in your global Water Reporter Feed?

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Your global feed includes all of your observation posts, observation posts of others who have joined the same groups as you, posts of individual users that you have selected to “follow” and posts that have appeared in watersheds that you have selected to follow. Posts will appear in chronological order with the newest posts at the top. As you scroll down you’ll see all posts that have appeared.

TIP: Only observational posts appear in the feeds. Any data collected via collection forms is only available to the group administrators to share via interactive maps.


Water Reporter strives to create a common ground for everyone to talk about their monitoring observations and efforts. As such, users can interact with each other through their posts. Specifically, anyone can engage not only by exploring other observations but leaving likes and comments.

Like a post. From your feed you can tap on the heart icon to “like” a post.

Comment on a post. From your feed, tap on the comment icon or anywhere to open up the post view. Tap on the + circle to add a new comment. Comments can include photos or text. The post originator will receive an email notification whenever someone comments on the post.


There is a trove of information waiting for you within each observation post. You can tap anywhere on a post to open it up and check out where it was submitted from and any comments that have been added.

When you enter into a post, you can see who else has liked the post, review or add more comments, and find the post on a map. If you tap on the watershed, you'll arrive at a new feed of all posts in that watershed. Feel free to tap "Follow" to start seeing more posts from that watershed in your global feed.


We've mentioned 'follow' a few times in this article. So let's explore what we mean by this.

Want to add more posts to your global feed? Whenever you click on a group, watershed, hashtag, or user you will be brought to the respective feed. A button appears that says “Follow”. Tap that button to add all posts that exist in that feed and that are added to it in the future to your feed.

NOTE: If you have ownership privileges for a group then following a group, watershed, hashtag, or person will NOT make those posts visible on any maps or exports that you push through your account. Only posts tagged to your group will be ‘owned’ by your group.

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