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Add data from your mobile device to a collection form

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Basic users can contribute data to a form that's part of an organization's subscription account. In order to access the data form, a user must:
1. Have a Water Reporter Basic User Account.
2. Be added to the form's contributor list by a group administrator.

Once you are added as a contributor to a form, it's easy to access the form on your mobile device or from the Water Reporter website dashboard.

TIP: Forms are uniquely created by an organization and collect information to specific monitoring needs. The Water Reporter Team can help you understand how to access and complete your forms so what you see here might differ from the form that appears when you click into your mobile device.


  1. Individual opens Water Reporter app.

  2. Click on the blue edit button.

  3. Under the “Collect monitoring data” heading, tap the relevant data source to open the form.

  4. The page says “Edit Sample”. Enter all of the relevant information. Once it’s all completed, tap the green check mark to save your work. TIP: You are not taken off of the sample page when you click save. This feature allows contributors adding data to a lengthy form to save their work as they go along.

  5. To add another sample, navigate to the top of the page and press “view all samples”.

  6. Press the green plus in the upper right corner to add another sample.


From the Water Reporter App

  1. Open the Water Reporter App

  2. Click on the blue edit button

  3. Select your data form

  4. You will be delivered to a new sample. Press “View all samples” in the upper left corner.

  5. Scroll through the existing samples to select which one you want to edit. Use the Station and publication date as reference points to find the correct sample.

  6. Make your edit.

  7. Click save.

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