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How to submit a post

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Steps to submit a general observation to Water Reporter.

1. Open up the Water Reporter app.
2. From any screen, tap the blue circle icon.
3. If necessary, tap "Start A Post".

Fields to Complete

1. Find your location.
Every post must have a location. Your best option here is to grant access to the Water Reporter app to your location services. When this action is turned on, Water Reporter will find your location automatically. Conversely, or if you are posting away from the original location, you can move the pin manually or type in a location where the pin will drop.

2. Add an observation
This is your comments and hashtag section. Describe what you see and add any hashtags that are relevant to your observation.

3. Add an Image
Take a picture through the app or select an existing photo on your phone. Please notes that the file needs to be under 1GB and a .jpg file extension.

4. Tag a group
If you want the observation to be shared with a group, make sure to tap that group in the post.

5. Click the check mark to complete and save your post.
That’s it!

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