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Basic Users provide boots on the ground and eyes across the watershed for Water Reporter communities. Anyone who wants to share geo-located observations can set up a basic user account and start reporting on their own. Basic Users can also support the specific work of environmental organizations that are using Water Reporter for their monitoring work. The following outlines the basic components of a basic user account.

Submit a Post

Users can submit geo-located photos that are shared with participating watershed organizations.

Enter a sample via a digital data collection form

Users assigned as a contributor can complete digital samples to share directly with watershed organizations: streamlining the data collection, storage, and visualization process for your intensive qualitative and quantitative monitoring activigties.

Explore your Network

The globe icon brings users to a uniquely curated list of all observational posts that have been shared by groups, people, and watersheds 'followed' by the user. Users can "like" and comment on any post in Water Reporter.

Search and Expand

Looking for a specific user, group, watershed or hashtag? Tap the magnifying glass icon to search the system. When you arrive on a specific feed from the search page you can elect to "follow" that group, person, or watershed.

Interact with the posts

Interact with other members of the Water Reporter community by communicating through posts. You can ‘like’ posts by tapping on the heart icon. If you want to start or join a conversation, tap the comment icon. You can add text and/or photos to any post.

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