Basic Users are incredibly important to the Water Reporter community. Anyone who wants to share geo-located observations can set up a basic user account and start reporting. Basic Users can also support the work of groups that are using Water Reporter for monitoring. Take a look at all of the different articles on Basic User instruction, or keep reading for a high level overview of what a Basic User can do in the system.

Submit a Post

Click the blue edit button to create a post. All posts consist of a geo-located photo, description, and option to share with a group.

Global Feed

The globe icon brings you to your personalized feed. You can scroll through all of the posts that you shared, posts shared by others to groups that you follow, and posts shared by other individuals that you follow. Or, and this is really cool, you can follow posts in a specific watershed.

Personal Feed

Want to review your own feed of posts? From your home dashboard, tap the menu icon. Select “View Profile”. This brings you to your public profile and all of the posts that you 


Looking for a specific user, group, watershed or hashtag? Tap the magnifying glass icon to search the system.

Your Dashboard

Home is your dashboard and launchpad. Tap the “home” icon at any time to return to your personal dashboard.

Interact with the posts

Interact with other members of the Water Reporter community by communicating through posts. You can ‘like’ posts by tapping on the heart icon. If you want to start or join a conversation, tap the comment icon. You can add text and/or photos to any post.

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