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Lake Erie Volunteer Science Network On-Boarding Steps
Lake Erie Volunteer Science Network On-Boarding Steps

This information is relevant to pre-selected Champions of the Lake Erie Volunteer Science Network

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Step One

Share your data with the Water Reporter Team to get your effort underway

  1. Create your basic user account (let us know when it's created at

  2. Help us set up your data sources by send the Water Reporter Team the following information:

  • All monitoring site names (with coordinates) for EOS work

  • Your Water Quality Monitoring program name

  • All monitoring site names (with coordinates) for Water Quality Monitoring (if different from EOS)

  • All water quality monitoring parameters and units

  • Any thresholds or indicators you use for parameters

  • Your trove of historical monitoring data from your existing monitoring program

Step Two

An introduction to the Water Reporter platform and its role in the Smart Citizen Science Initiative

  • Complete the scheduled initial train-the-trainer course

  • Confirm that our details about your monitoring work are accurate - attached.

Step Three

With the information that you sent over to us in Step One, the Water Reporter team will:

  • Organize your historical data as a data source in Water Reporter

  • Get you prepared to start storing your continuous monitoring data in Water Reporter with data collection forms and a template for uploads

  • Build an initial embeddable map of your existing data that you can put into your website.

Step Four

We’ll reach out to schedule a second training session when your data is up and running in Water Reporter. During this session we’ll walk you through how to manage your data sources, upload new samples, extract all data, sign up your volunteers, and build portable maps.

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