Have you been asked to contribute data via Water Reporter? We can't give you the details on the specific form, but here are the steps on how to navigate the Water Reporter platform to share your data.

Create your Water Reporter account

Anyone who submits data via a form must start by creating a Water Reporter account and making sure that you enter your name into the offered fields. The account owners won't be able to find you if you do not add your name to your account.

Let your account owners know that you're set up

An account owner for your program must add you as a contributor. Let them know that you're all set up and ready to start collecting and they'll add you as a contributor.

Add your samples

Log-in to your Water Reporter account on www.waterreporter.org. You will see your dashboard. Scroll down - if you've been added as a contributor the data source will appear in your dashboard under Data Sources.

Click "Contribute Data" to enter into the the data source and submit your sample.

Once in the data source, click "samples", and click the plus sign in the upper right hand corner.

Once within the form, follow the instructions and enter in all of your data points. You must populate all "required" fields before you can complete the form. Click save to send the completed for to the data source owners.

Thanks for supporting the work to collect data on the state of your waterway or watershed!

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