Forms are a powerful way to digitize a monitoring program, streamline your data management process, and deliver timely simple analytics to your stakeholders. 

Build your Form
Refer to the Forms article on how to set up your form.

Add contributors

Anyone that you want to submit form readings must have a Water Reporter account. "Owners" of your groups subscription account do not need to be added as collaborators. All other basic user account holders must be added by an Owner as a Contributor. All the different terms have your head spinning? That's ok - think of it like this: all those people you asked to signed up for a Water Reporter account? They can only enter data into your data source form if you give them permission to do so.

Click on the Contributors Tab. Type in the name of the person that you want to add. Click save. There is no limit on the number of people that you an add as a contributor to your data source.

Remember, each data source operates independently so if you have multiple data sources - and therefor multiple forms - you'll need to add contributors separately for each one.

Add new Samples via a Form

Account Owners adding data

Any user with owner status for a group will be able to add a sample via the Samples page within the Data Source.

Click the green plus circle to add a new sample. The sample will mirror the data collection form in this data source.

Click save, and all of the readings in this sample will be added to the data source.

Contributors Adding Samples

When a contributor is ready to add a sample to a data source, the individual must log-in to the Water Reporter account. After the contributor has been added to a data source, a link to the form appears on the dashboard.

The user will click "Contribute Data" to enter in a new sample.

Once in the sample, the user should click "Samples" 

And then add a new sample via the green plus sign circle.

When the data has been entered, the user will click the save button. The sample must be verified by an account owner before it will be added to the data source.

Verify a Submitted Sample

Any pending samples will appear on the summary page of the data source.

Click on the sample string to enter into the pending sample and approve it.

After you have toggled the certification to "verified" (you can edit any reading inputs before doing this, if necessary) click save. The data from this sample is now part of your major data source. 

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