All group owners will be able to access, add, and manage new data sources. Each data source you create should hold data collected for one program. 

When you set up your first data source, your screen will look like this:

To create a data source click either the “Create A Data Source” blue button or the green plus sign in the upper right hand corner.

You will arrive on the edit a data source page.  Scroll down for details about what you're seeing here. 

Create your Data Source Name and Description.

This data source Name will be displayed on any data source maps or forms that you create. 

The Data Source description is a useful field for you to describe the data that exists in this data source.

Immediately, you need to make a choice - what type of data source are you creating? When you choose, click on the associated article here to follow the data source set up steps.

  • Continuous Sampling: data added routinely at fixed monitoring sites/stations.
  • Annual Scorecard: Data that scores thresholds or stations on an annual basis only
  • Third Party Integration: Fixed USGS stations displayed as a layer on your map.

If you are unsure of which sort of data source to configure, select Continuous Sampling.

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