What do you monitor?

The Savannah Riverkeeper monitors/tests the water quality on the Savannah River in and around Augusta GA and Savannah Ga in 53 locations.   We monitor what happens with the whole watershed from North Carolina to Savannah GA on both the Georgia Side and the South Carolina Side from permit requests, pollution reports, and zoning issues.

We monitor for e-Coli levels at 24 locations weekly from May to Oct - that we enter into the Swim Guide so the public has current information about the swimmability of the Savannah River.

We also monitor the health of the Savannah River at the 53 locations monthly.  We have citizen scientists that monitor for not only e-Coli but aquatic life, turbidity, PH, and Dissolved Oxygen these results are shared with the public on the Georgia DNR Adopt-A-Stream site.

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