What do you monitor

With a river that flows on for 280 miles and carries over 10,000 square miles of land drainage, its important to recognize that water quality is constantly changing. The only way to truly stay on top of river conditions is by continually monitoring the river, especially when it is swimming season. During the summer, we monitor 30 popular swimming holes for E. coli, pH, water temperature & turbidity. 

Why do you monitor? 

Clean water can look a lot like dirty water. With our information, that is available for free through our website, CoosaRiver.Org/SwimGuide or on Social Media, people can make more informed & accurate decisions on where to take their families to cool off. This information can also guide people who have always held on to the idea that “river water is too dirty to swim in”. Just as much as we want our members to steer clear of contaminated water, we want them to enjoy & celebrate the swimming holes that are clean! 

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