What do you monitor?

  1. Biweekly mid-April to mid-Oct we monitor Secchi depth, water temp, Dissolved oxygen, conductivity, salinity and pH at top, middle and bottom of the water column at 28 sites
  2. We monitor presence and id of SAV throughout the streams and mainstem June to Oct using kayaks with GPS and drone footage.
  3. We monitor growth and survival of oysters on 5 reefs in the river.  
  4. We participate in Op Clearwater where Anne Arundel Community College students and staff monitor enterococci at bathing beaches and marinas.  This is to determine where swimming is recommended and where septic/sewer leaks may be present.  

Why do you monitor?

This monitoring is done to help us see where there may be areas in need of restoration and to keep an eye on the water quality and growth of underwater grasses and oysters in the River.  It also helps us find areas in need of further preservation.  

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