What do you monitor?

Peconic Baykeeper is an advocate for water quality on Long Island with a focus on the Peconic Estuary and South Shore Bays.   We regularly monitor our waterways by boat in a pollution response capacity, investigate and report harmful algal blooms, and assist partner organizations with biological monitoring when possible such as river herring migration monitoring.  We also work with the Surfrider Foundation’s "Blue Water Task Force" to collect and test local waterways for bacterial contamination.

Why do you monitor?

At Peconic Baykeeper, we are dedicated to protecting and restoring Long Island’s drinkable, swimmable, and fishable waters and believe that clean water is a right that we are all entitled to!   The Peconic Estuary is not only important for its ecological resources, but also supports recreational and commercial fishing and is a major contributor to the local economy through recreation and tourism.   Long Island’s waterways are especially vulnerable to pollution due to population density and how any contaminated water enters our groundwater supply and nearby waterways.

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