Learn how to combine three awesome features of Water Reporter into one work flow to streamline the information gathering and visualization of data.

This article outlines a hypothetical example of how to set up a monitoring program fully within Water Reporter, combining the best features of sharing posts, creating campaigns, and managing your data through Flow.

Create your custom form for monitoring data collection

Make sure to include a drop down so the user can select the correct monitoring station. This piece will allow you to easily transfer data from the Campaign to Flow.

Fields to include:

  • Station Name
  • All Parameters to collect  (NOTE: to make your upload life easier, keep the parameter names the same in the campaign and your Flow account).

Campaign Data Collection Work Flow

When an individual is ready to input all of the data from their monitoring effort, have him open his Water Reporter app, navigate to the correct campaign, and input all of the data.

Visualizing the monitoring data

The administrators for that campaign can download a file of all aggregate data collected through the campaign at any time. When the administrator is ready to upload new data to Flow, they can simply download the data from the campaign, fit it into their Flow template and upload the data.

For more information on how to build and manage your monitoring data with Flow, start by reading the article Getting Started with Flow.

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