Campaigns as an in-app feature are sunsetting. We have been unable to maintain the data collection form in line with the periodic updates pushed by iOS. We are migrating all Campaign collections to the Form feature in Data Sources.  This new feature allows for more autonomy by the subscriber in creating the forms and more streamlined data management.

Learn more about the Form Feature and build your own forms in our Data Sources.


Sometimes you need your Water Reporter users to submit specific details with their posts. Rather than try to give instructions of what to add to their comments field, we've created an option for you to add custom data collection fields through our Campaign Forms. When you use a custom campaign form, not only are you allowing users to input specific information but also your'e able to analyze their data after the fact.

This article walks subscription holders through the steps to set up and manage a campaign. Refer to the article on Contribute to a Campaign to see how Water Reporter users can participate in a campaign. We're happy to create a custom one-pager to distribute to your volunteers if you'd like.

Create a new campaign

The Water Reporter team will help you create a custom form. To make your form, simple send an email to with a very short campaign title and all the text and form fields that you want to include. 

What's fair game to include campaign:

  • Instructions
  • Dropdown lists
  • Numerical entry fields
  • Descriptive text fields

What's not fair game to include in your campaign:

  • Check boxes
  • Requesting personal information

Our team will take your information and build a custom form that will be linked to your organization and administrator accounts. That way, you'll receive a notification every time someone enters a new report.

Manage your Campaign

We discourage making changes to a campaign once it's up and running so that we don't have to migrate data from one field to another.

Once the campaign is live, we can keep it up for as long as you'd like. 

To access the data in a campaign, head over to your dashboard and click on the download button. All details associated with the campaign will be downloaded as a CSV file.

Expert Tips

Check out the Build your Maps article on how to turn your campaign posts into an interactive and embeddable map. The map will only display the photos associated with the campaign. At this time, however, the maps don't automatically display the collected data. 

If you want to display collected data through Maps, get in touch with a member of our team and we'll discuss options for making that happen.

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