With Flow you can tell the system exactly what parameters to want to collect and display for your water quality monitoring program. The system starts as a blank slate. Before you can upload any data you need to tell the system what information you want it to collect. So the first step is to build out a template that allows you to upload information relevant to you. You have two choices, you can let the Water Reporter Team build your Template for you or you can build it yourself. 

If you choose the DIY route, read this article in its entirety and use the associated help documents to walk through the process.

Entering your own data

If you want to enter your own data, please read all of the information in the help documents and make sure to follow this order to enter information:

  1. Stations
  2. Units
  3. Parameters
  4. Protocol
  5. Grades
  6. Thresholds
  7. When you're ready to build your map - read this.

Let Our Team Create Your Template

We are more than happy to help you build your template. To have us set up your Flow account how you want it, we need the following pieces of information:

  • Site names and location coordinates
  • All parameters that you want to collect
  • Units of the parameters
  • Data - at least a small sample set
  • Any thresholds or scoring protocols that you use or how you want to score your data

We'll take all of this information and enter it into your Flow Dashboard so that, going forward, you can simply use a template to upload new data.

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