Your first import will require you to build your template and confirm that everything in the system is working correctly. After that initial build, the rest should be a cake walk. 

Build your template

File Format

Water Reporter only accepts data in CSV format, so always double-check that your file is the correct type.


At minimum, your spreadsheet must include the following columns. Column headers must match the example, except in the case of parameters.

Parameters and qualifying information

You may include any number of parameter columns, but first make sure that each column is represented in your collection. If you had any qualifiers for your thresholds, you'll need to add that information in columns as well.


This message will appear in map summaries wherever you add this data source. Just a few words can give your audience some context for what’s new and noteworthy in this update.

Then, you just upload your file. If all goes well, you will get a screen that tells you how many data points you inputted. If the system encountered an error, an error message will appear and troubleshooting begins.

Accessing your template

Once you've uploaded data, you can retrieve those files and re-use them as templates to upload additional data by clicking on the floppy disc icon. You can also delete whole data uploads. 

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