Don't upload any readings until you've inputted your units and identified your parameters. Once those sections are complete, you'll be ready to build your template and upload data! 

From the Readings tab, you can explore previously uploaded data, make edits to any data, or add a new reading. We anticipate that most data will be added by upload rather than manually, however, if you are only capturing a few parameters, this may be a helpful tool.

Explore existing data

You can search readings by station, parameter, collection date, and value.

Edit existing data

If you click into a reading you'll be able to change any of the details or add notes to that reading. If you want to delete an individual reading, you'll be able to do that here as well. 

If you're looking to do some in house QA/QC, this is your best best for doing it through the Flow feature.

  1. Created by. Refers to the user account that uploaded or inputted this data to Flow. This information is automatically generated by the system.
  2. Score. If the parameter has a corresponding threshold and grade, then the score for that information will appear here.
  3. Station. This will pull from the data or the drop down list if the information was entered manually.
  4. Parameter. This will pull from the uploaded data or will be chosen manually.
  5. Collection Date. If necessary, you can edit the collection date here. Remember that the preferred format is YYYY-MM-DD.
  6. Value. This is your data point. The system only recognizes quantitative inputs, so please avoid text or non specific items here, like <2.
  7. Analysis Date. If you're doing analysis on your data, you can add in that analysis date here.
  8. Notes. Need to leave notes for future administrators on this data point? Leave them here!
  9. Delete reading. Sometimes there is no fixing a reading. You can delete it manually here. Please note that we cannot recover deleted items. 

Build your template

Your Flow upload template must meet certain criteria in order to successfully upload new data to your Flow database.

  • station_id
  • station_name
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • date (YYYY-MM-DD)
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