GRADES is your scorecard or visual station name scores.  You can use Grades to score your data or communicate a status of a station, such a flow rate or safe conditions. Whatever Labels and colors you choose will display at the site level and parameter level on your map.

To create a grades, click on the green + circle.

  1. Label. Enter a brief descriptor that will display for each site and parameter that meets the stated grade, for example “A”, “safe”, or “medium”
  2. Color. Whip up your own hexidecimal color (tools like this one can help!) or click the button to the right to generate one. Either way, you want to end up with something that looks like this: #8aa8b4.
  3. Description. If you want to keep track of your grading schema, our description field lets you enter notes that you can reference at any time.
  4. Scoring Conditions. Use these controls to set boundaries for this grade. Flow will follow these instructions when attaching labels and color codes to individual numeric scores.
  5. Lower Limit. This should be your lowest number that will refer to the identified grade.
  6. Upper Limit. This should be the highest number that will capture the identified grade.

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure that your conditions are achievable. For instance, the example above does not create a reportable score because it tells the system to capture scores that are equal to both 0 and 100.
  • You can add in multiple grades and multiple colors.

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