Units Overview

Units are a critical but quiet component used to build your Flow system. The great part about units is that you only need to enter a unit of measurement once. If multiple parameters use the same unit, you can add it once and be done.

TIP: Add units to your account before adding parameters.

How to add new Units

First, make a list of all of the units that measure your parameters. We take these units and link them to your parameter list once you build that. The units will appear in your interactive database, like this. 

Each unit must be added individually and should be added before you create your list of parameters. 

Add a new unit

Click on the green + icon in the right hand corner. 

Enter Notation. This notation will appear in the visual with any parameters linked to this unit.

Enter Detail. This is the name of the unit and will appear in the drop down of available units as you build each parameter.

Description. Add in notes here about the unit or what parameters will use this unit, for your own reference and to make sure that other administrators have the same understanding of how you’re building your database.

Save. Once you have inputted all of the information, click save. 

Manage your Units

You can revisit any unit and update it at any time. If you edit a unit that is linked to an existing parameter then the information in that parameter will be automatically updated.

Tips to be a Unit Expert

  • You can add as many units as you need for your parameters. If multiple parameters use the same unit, you only need to enter that unit once.
  • If you ever update your monitoring program and need to add in additional units and parameters, you can do that! You’ll just need to add in the new columns and information to your template. 

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