Subscription account holders can set up campaigns to help funnel their group members into collecting specific types of data. Campaigns are fully integrated with the mobile app so that individual users can search the current campaigns and contribute their reports directly to a specific campaign.

Campaigns by group

Working with the Water Reporter team, each subscription account can set up a campaign page that appears on the Water Reporter mobile app. 

Campaigns for individual users

Individual users can join a specific campaign and contribute unlimited posts to each campaign.

What makes campaigns unique

Campaigns bring together a subset of the Water Reporter community that has chosen to share observations on any desired topic, from Muddy Waters to Wildlife viewings. Unlike a general post, reports shared through a campaign do not require the use of hashtags to be included in that subset of materials.

Each campaign can also have a custom form associated with it, which means that the campaign organizers can work with their campaign contributors to gather and package qualitative and quantitative information simultaneously. 

Set up your campaign

Subscription account holders can get in touch with the Water Reporter support team to set up a campaign. Information that we will need includes:

  • A campaign name
  • A short campaign description
  • Will you want to include a custom form?
  • What fields do you want in your custom form?
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