Every member of our community starts by creating a Basic User account. Head over to our Basic User: Getting Started guide for information on how to create your  basic account.

Once you've set up a basic user account, you can upgrade that account to access Premium or Pro features. Let's walk through the steps together here.

  • Log in to your account on WaterReporter.org and make sure you're on your dashboard page.
  • Under Subscription, click "Upgrade".
  • Enter your credit card information and you're account will immediately be upgraded to access the additional features.

Adding Your Organization Profile

Next you're going to want to create your organization profile. This is the information that will show up as a separate profile and will allow others to join your group.

  • Log in to your account on WaterReporter.org.
  • From your profile page, scroll down to Your Groups. Click New Group.
  • Complete all of the fields:

NAME: Your organization's name
KEYWORDS: These are additional words you want people to be able to type to find your group, such as a nickname for your organization.
CONTACT INFORMATION: This will appear on your public profile page so that individual users can contact you.

  • Click save and your organization is active in the system.

Add your watersheds to your personal account

One of the features that makes Water Reporter unique is that you can sign up to receive notifications for activity in specific watersheds, even if your group was not tagged in the original post. Watersheds are assigned to user accounts, not administrators. Complete the following steps to set up your watersheds.

  • From your profile page, click Edit Profile below your profile photo.
  • Scroll down to Watershed Notifications. You can choose any HUC8 watershed, as designated by the USGS, to add to your profile. If you need a designation at a different level, please email us at support@waterreporter.org.

Add more owners to your organization

We recommend keeping the number of owners for your organization to five or less. Owners can access all of the features that are associated with your subscription level. To add a new owner, email support@waterreporter.org and we'll get you set up ASAP.

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