Water Reporter makes it easy for community members to share posts outside the community to Twitter and Facebook. This exponentially increases the visibility of your reports and allows you to connect with others who have yet to register for a Water Reporter account. To get started cross posting, follow the simple steps below.

1. Locate the Report Share Button

Make sure you have installed and logged into Facebook and Twitter on your mobile device. Find a report you are interested in cross posting and tap the “share” button.

2. Select Facebook or Twitter

Depending on the social media platforms you have installed on your device, look for Facebook or Twitter and tap the icon. For the sake of this demo, we’ll pick Facebook.

3. Add Post Comments

Since we’ll be sharing this post to our Facebook status, we can add a few comments, note how we have pulled in the report image as the header for your post.

4. Send

Great work, you’ve now added your Water Reporter post to Facebook and will receive all the like, comments, and interactions this community supports!

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