Hashtags are a fantastic way to categorize all of your reports by a specific topic of interest. It’s also a useful method for easily viewing other water related observations that are trending within the Water Reporter Community. You can use hashtag at the time of posting or editing a report as well as within report comments. To get started using hashtags follow the steps below.

  • Start with report description or commentsBegin adding hashtags mid sentence or by appending them to the end of your report. Add a “#” in front of any word or combination of words.
  • Select from the dropdown or keep typingAs you type a list of suggestions will appear. Select one that matches or keep typing to create a new one. Appropriate hashtags look something like this: “#sediment #erosion” that said, we cannot work with things that look like the following: “#sediment#erosion” or “#sediment, #erosion.”
  • Keep it simpleWith hashtags it’s better to use simple short words and phrases. There is no need to add special characters or punctuation. Here are some great examples of how hashtags will appear in our community: #sediment or #erosion
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